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Programme Schedule

Students should be prepared for a rigorous schedule.  Time is Money! We recommend a good night’s sleep prior to your arrival, as you will be spending 16 hours per day in direct contact with the English language, of which at least 7 and a half hours will take place in the class-room.

You will join small and dynamic groups made up of business people from all over Brazil.  You will work on projects focused on a business or a social theme.

Next dates


24-28 (Monday to Friday) 


01- 05 (Monday to Friday) 

24- 28 (Wednesday to Sunday) 


05-09 (Monday to Friday) 

26- 30 (Monday to Friday)




Some of our clients

Rio de Janeiro

Tel: 21-2516-2350

WhatsApp: 21-99889 6212

São Paulo

Tel: 11-3081-7000


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