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Presentation Skills

This is the most popular initial programme we offer our students, since it provides them with those essential communication skills and practical business tools they need to become successful public speakers at meetings and conferences at home and abroad. 



Main Presentation Topics


To prepare a presentation in English, the student must learn how to structure it and to acquire mastery of the specific language required.  Over the 5 days, the following items are covered:


  • Presentation Design

  • Presentation Structure

  • Graphs & Trends

  • Structure & Writing

  • Exhibition Techniques

  • Body Language

  • Final Presentation & Progress Strategies

Next dates

APRIL 2024

08- 12 (Monday to Friday) 

22- 26 (Monday to Friday) 



06-10 (Monday to Friday) 

20- 24 (Monday to Friday)* to be confirmed

29/05 a 02/06 (Wednesday to Sunday) Holiday Corpus Christ


10-14  (Monday to Friday) 

24-28 (Monday to Friday) 



Some of our clients

Rio de Janeiro

Tel: 21-3047-9512

WhatsApp: 21-99889 6212

São Paulo

Tel: 11-3081-7000


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