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To provide a natural and relaxed English-speaking environment with up to 16 hours of daily language exposure. Little England offers a 5-day programme comprising a well-balanced mixture of classroom learning and English-speaking social activities.  While classroom activities are a key part of the course, our students also spend a good deal of their time in direct contact with native English speakers in diverse social situations. This is a key factor in activating their passive conversational skills.

Students are helped to identify and to self-correct common language mistakes. Socializing and networking play a fundamental role at Little England.  “Language in action” is a concept which is emphasized throughout the programme.



Needs and Proficiency Level Assessment


Before starting an immersion programme, the students undergo a 3-step process in order to determine their levels of proficiency and their specific needs.

  • Students fill out an online Admission Form with their personal information and a list of their objectives and priorities.
  • Students are asked to do an online written grammar test.
  • Students are given a brief phone or face-to-face interview. Our aim is to help students learn English in a different and exciting way.  It is very important for us that students leave Little England feeling that they have invested their money and, more importantly, their time in a profitable manner.


Language Proficiency Level – Recommended

In order to gain the maximum benefit from their immersion programmes, it is desirable that students should have, at least, a low intermediate level of English. Should you have any doubts, concerning our recommended minimum level requirements, please contact our SP or RJ offices.


If you are a beginner and are available to study in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, LE offers preparatory courses that can bring you up to the recommended full immersion course level.



Placement Availability – Number of Participants


To ensure a high student-teacher ratio, student numbers are limited.


To avoid disappointment, interested participants are strongly recommended to plan and to book their immersion programmes as far in advance as possible.

Next dates

APRIL 2024

08- 12 (Monday to Friday) 

22- 26 (Monday to Friday) 



06-10 (Monday to Friday) 

20- 24 (Monday to Friday)* to be confirmed

29/05 a 02/06 (Wednesday to Sunday) Holiday Corpus Christ


10-14  (Monday to Friday) 

24-28 (Monday to Friday) 



Some of our clients

Rio de Janeiro

Tel: 21-3047-9512

WhatsApp: 21-99889 6212

São Paulo

Tel: 11-3081-7000


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