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Frequent Questions

“I don’t know much in terms of grammar and vocabulary. How many Little England immersions do I need to become fluent in English?”

The number of immersions will depend on your language objectives and your learning curve.


“Your course is called Little England.  Does it mean that I’ll only learn British English?”

No.  We have a range of teachers from England (naturally), United States, Ireland, South Africa, among others.  This ensures you get a global taste of the English language.


“I have an Intermediate level of English.  What will my level  be, when I finish an immersion  at Little England?”

Little England’s main focus is on “communication skills”.  You will of course improve your ability to express yourself, to understand and to make yourself understood.  What is meant by  “Intermediate” varies from school to school.


“How do you determine student levels at Little England?  Does everyone stay together in the same classroom?”

In order to guarantee homogeneous groups, student levels are initially defined through an online test, a composition and a brief interview over the phone.  Personal objectives are also taken into consideration. When participants arrive at Little England they have an initial “ice-breaker” class and only after this is the composition of each group finally defined.


“Do you only teach Business English at Little England?”

No.  There are a variety of tailor-made programmes available to meet the needs of participants.


“I have a 16-year-old son who speaks English better than I do.  Can I take him with me to participate in an immersion programme at Little England?”

Sorry, but participants must be at least 21 years old.


“I need to take a TOEIC test.  Can I prepare for it at Little England?”

For this kind of specific programme we recommend you take classes at our Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo units.  For more information, contact or


“Some work colleagues and I need to improve our proficiency level.  Are we going to study and stay all together?”

We find students from the same company get better results when they study in different groups even when they are on the same programme.  All accommodation is individual.


“I did an immersion abroad and didn’t get many opportunities to practise conversation.  There were too many people of completely different levels in my class. How do you solve this problem at Little England?”

Normally, there are no more than 6 students in our classes. The student-teacher ratio is, approximately, 2 to 1 and you’ll be directly involved with language activities 16 hours per day.  You are going to study with professional adults who have the same objectives.


“I took an immersion abroad and had two roommates: one from Asia and the other from Africa.  They were very friendly but this fact didn’t help me improve my knowledge, as I didn’t understand their accents. Will I have roommates at Little England? How many?”

First of all, you won’t have any roommates.  All our suites are individual. With a student-native English speaking teacher ratio of 2 to 1, you’ll have a great opportunity to improve your accent.


“Will my classes be individual or in group?”

It depends on your level compared to the rest of the group.  For almost all students, a group is the most effective study format.  We know that the dynamics within a group, consisting of 3 to 5 students, really produce better results than those from individual classes. Students with the same level of fluency and studying together generate greater use of the language in class and, for these reasons, students are more likely to carry on using it socially during meal breaks and other activities.


“Do groups have students with different levels?”

No. First, we evaluate all the students, to ensure participants in the groups have similar levels.


“What’s the course content?”

The Little England programme has developed over the last 30 years. The objective of our course is to provide a unique atmosphere to promote the use and understanding of the English language.  Our in-house developed educational material is appropriate to the student level.  (See General Information and Subjects). It is a complete immersion programme and No Portuguese is allowed.  This ensures students become totally immersed in their English.


“What’s the minimum level of English required to take the course?”

In order to make good progress, we recommend you have, at least, an Intermediate level.  Under special circumstances, we can, however, attend all levels.  Should you still have any doubts, please contact us.


“Are there only 6 hours of classes  per day”?

No.  As we have shown before, Little England is a full immersion programme that runs from 7:30 A.M. to 24:00 P.M. every day.  Our resident teacher staff is present all day long to guarantee a constant interaction between students and teachers takes place.  Through this method, created by Little England over the last 30 years, students can develop their listening comprehension, verbal fluency, ability to write and reading comprehension, not only during traditional classes but also in an ambiance based on real situations, which will help them to radically improve their spontaneous English speaking skills.


“What’s included in the price of the program?”

It would be easier to tell you what’s not included.  Of course, all expenses with classes are included, as well as all educational materials; van transportation from and to Santos Dumont and Tom Jobim airports; all meals and accommodation are also included, the exception being drinks in the pub and phone calls.  All rooms have n-suite bathrooms.


“How do we get to Little England?”

It’s easy!  Little England is located in Nogueira, 15 km from Petropolis, a city only 80 km from Rio de Janeiro.  The nearest airports are Santos Dumont and Tom Jobim, both in Rio.  We offer a free van service from both airports direct to Little England.  Please contact us for more details concerning this free service.


“How much does the program cost?”

Please contact us for the current price.


“When is the next programme?”

For dates, please consult our programme schedule.


“Are places unlimited?”

No.  Due to the nature of the programme, groups are kept small to guarantee closer teacher-student interaction.  For this reason, there is a maximum number of 20 students per programme.  So, we strongly advise you to make your reservation well in advance to avoid disappointment.


“Do you offer personalized packages?”

Please, contact us.  For those of you with unusual or very specific requirements or for those of you who don’t have the minimum required level, we can, under special circumstances, offer individual programmes.

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